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July 12-14, 2019
what cheer, iowa

2018 Fair Results

Ohana Pedal Pull

The Ohana Pedal Pull was held on Friday evening, July 13, as part of the Free Family Fun night at the Keokuk County Fair in What Cheer.

3 year olds
1. Otley Van Patten, Milo   2. Fogle and Paxtyn Craff 
4 year olds
1. Kallan Gatlon  2. Korbin Dewitt  3. Tein Heady Also pulling were: Brooklyn Linder, Sawyer Whitlach, Maddix Lucas, Lexi Voyles, Braxton Krumm
5 year olds
1. Taven Lust 2. Evan Haines 3. Solomon Coble Also pulling were: Ashia Maxwell, Carter Moore, Teegin Whitlach, Lukas Fogle, Jarrett Bjorkgren, Jaxsen Thompson
6 year olds
1. Mason Fletcher 2. London Linder 3. Blake Lucas Also pulling were: Tucker Thompson, Cyler Silvers, Colton Voyles, Brylee Thompson
7 year olds
1. Cole Hughes 2. Dayton Heady   3. Amelia Phillips  Also pulling were: Keller Little and Amelia Storm
8 year olds
1. Cooper Fitzsimmons   2. Eli Haines   3. Hailey Montgomery  Also pulling were: Nazareth Davis, Kaylee Bjorkgren, Makenzie Fletcher, Easton Krumm
9 year olds
1. Cael Silvers   2. Trey Stanton   3. Cody Silvers 
10 year olds
1. Maddie Sieren  2. Davian Thompson 3. Evan Hoag Also pulling was: Ella Haines
11 year olds
1. Jayden Thompson 2. Ivan Montgomery   

Baby Pageant

The 2018 Keokuk County Fair Baby Pageant was held on Friday, July 13. It started at the grandstand but due to bad weather coming, it was moved to Heritage Hall and then eventually to Floral Hall. Needless to say, it was quite the night. The Baby pageant is sponsored by Delta Grocery and the Keokuk County Fair. They are judged in three different age groups. Each baby is given a stuffed animal and a ribbon.

Awards were given to these babies in the group born between January 1, 2018 and the fair. Biggest smile, Laken Morgan Cranston, daughter of Julie Hartwig and Michael Cranston of What Cheer; Smallest, Sophie Marie Olson, daughter of Tassa & Stephen Olson of What Cheer; Mellowest, Saybree Lynne Johnston, daughter of Shanielle Bookout of Sigourney; Youngest, Magnolia Marie Alvarez, daughter of Katie Bunting & Jeffrey Alvarez of Desert Springs, California; Chubbiest Cheeks, Blayke Pence, daughter of Adam & Kelsey Pence of Delta; Bluest eyes, Mia Ridgeway, daughter of Adam and Amanda Ridgeway of What Cheer; Darkest eyes, Lilah Rose Almond, daughter of Chrissy Almond of Oskaloosa, Darkest hair, Isabella Decker, daughter of Adrianna Lankford & Andrew Decker of What Cheer. Mellowest boy was Kevian Michael-James Burke, son of Breanna & Rodger Burker of Gilman; youngest, Emmett Edmundson, son of Jacob & Jamie Edmondson; Walker Rodney-Lee Morse, son of Rodney Morse & Stella Mackin of Montezuma.

Awards given to the babies born between July 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 were: Friendliest, Nashlynn Heady, daughter of David and Victoria Heady of What Cheer; Happiest, Lilly Miller, daughter of Shelby & Michael Miller of Milton; Biggest Smile, Maggie Collins, daughter of Matt & Heather Collins of What Cheer; Blondest, Laney Ward, daughter of Phillip Ward & LeeAnne Russell of Oskaloosa; Chubbiest Cheeks, Payton Ingle, daughter of Dalandra Peska of Sigourney; Longest Hair, Harper Morrow, daughter of Chad & Brittany Morrow of Keswick; Least Hair went to Brantly Foubert, son of Darian & Kaden Foubert of What Cheer; Tallest, Luke Hamm son of Lindsey Gundrum of Sigourney; Rosiest Cheeks, Hunter Corbin, son of Ashley & Bryan Corbin of Delta; Most Fidgety, Kazdyn Mendenhall, son of Tevin Mendenhall & Shelby Huffman; & Most entergetic, Carver Lemke, son of Tracy Milford & Austin Lemke of Delta.

Awards given to babies born between January 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017 were: Happiest, Adalynn Patterson, daughter of Kalie and Cory Patterson of Pella; Most hair, Oaklynn Van Patten, daughter of Leah & Cody Van Patten; Curliest Hair, Malia Riley McMillion, daughter of Mackenzie Bookout of Sigourney; Rosiest Cheeks, Liana Keni Ingle, daughter of Phillip and Alyssa Ingle of Sigourney; Shyest, Addisyn Anderson, daughter of Haley Kitzman of What Cheer; Rosiest Cheeks went to Finn Faas, son of Whit & Alissa Faas of Williamsburg; Sleepiest, Aiden Leroy Gros, son of Samantha Gros of What Cheer; Bluest eyes, Elijah Cochran, son of Latisha Cochran & Steve Wright of What Cheer; Darkest eyes, Sawyer Fogle, son of Tamara & Nathan Fogle of What Cheer; Happiest, Canton Hopper, son of Caitlin Leer of Keswick; Most hair, Kason Lee Carruthers, son of Robert & Stormy Carruthers of Sigourney; & Blondest Hair, Greyson James Schultz, son of Sydney Schultz & Charlie White of Sigourney.

Crowned Little Miss was Nashlynn Heady & Little Mr. was Finn Faas. 1st Runner up was Adalynn Patterson and Brantly Foubert. 2nd Runner went to Laken Morgan Cranston and Kevian Michael-James Burke.


Checkers tournament

The 19th Annual Checkers Tournament was held on Friday, July 13 in Thomas Hall at the Keokuk County Fair. Players were divided into 3 age groups., The top 3 went to:

Age 10 & under
1. Drew Fisher 2. Eli Haines 3. Landon Conrad
Age 11 - 15 year
1. Gaige Mercer 2. Grayce Williams 3. Alyssa Conrad  
16 and over:
there were no participants    


The 2018 Keokuk County Fair Queen was crowning on Friday, July 13 in the Heritage Hall building due to storms coming our way. Mckenzie Hammes was crowned the 2018 Fair Queen. The court consisted of Jenna Accord and Emma Miover. Miss Personality went to Mckenzie Hammes.

queen's cake contest

Each year the Keokuk County Fair Queen, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up and Court judge the Queen’s Cake Contest. This year there were 6 cakes entered to be judged by Queen McKenzie Hammes & the Court – Emma Miover and Jenna Acord. The girls chose Martha Schlict’s Strawberry Dream cake as the winner; 2nd place went to Mable Fisher with her Gluten Free Hummingbird Cake; and 3rd place went to Don McAdams with his Chocolate TagAlong Cookie Cake.

Also entered were Mendy McAdams – Banana Cream with Vanilla Wafers, Quinten McAdams with Vanilla Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Coconut; and Kennedy Roland with Strawberry Lemonade Cake


Photography contest

509 Photographs were submitted for judging in the Photography Department at the Keokuk County Fair in What Cheer. Winning Best of Show was Andria Pic. Best of Division winners were: Patty Herr, Samantha Sterling, Kaden Ludwig and Erin Wear. In the Interpretive Photography, only 1 blue, 1 red and 1 white are given in each section. Susan Koehn, 1 blue; Tonja Roland-Ludwig, 1 red; Danielle Storm, 2 white; Carolyn Danner, 1 blue and 1 red; Ruth Branderhorst, 1 red and 1 white; Erin Wear, 1 blue; Juanita Roland, 1 red; Gene Roland, 1 white & Kaden Ludwig, 1 blue.

Other ribbon winners were: Diana Reddy, 11 blue, 31 red, & 7 white; Morgan Reddy, 6 blue, 19 red, & 5 white; Gene Roland, 7 blue, 10 red, & 1 white; Juanita Roland, 8 blue, 14 red, & 2 white; Patty Herr, 21 blue, 23 red, & 7 white; Carolyn Danner, 8 blue, 21 red, & 2 white; Samantha Sterling, 5 blue & 4 red; Ruth Branderhorst, 1 blue & 5 red; Tonja Roland-Ludwig, 14 blue, 10 red & 6 white, Kaden Ludwig, 9 blue, 4 red, & 1 white; Susan Koehn, 8 blue, 12 red, & 2 white; Carol Hazen, 6 red & 3 white; Deb Harris, 2 blue; Hope Streeter, 1 blue, 1 red & 1 white; Casie Hunt, 1 blue & 2 red; Mendy McAdams, 4 blue & 10 red; Quinten McAdams, 2 blue & 2 red; Lisa Ames-Kruse, 1 blue; Jarrett Kruse, 1 red; Dixie Shipley, 7 blue, 15 red & 3 white; Chrystal Danner, 6 blue, 11 red, & 8 white; DJ Danner, 2 red & 1 white; Danielle Storm, 1 blue & 4 red; Eric Mercer, 2 blue; Virginia Pierson, 10 blue, 4 red & 2 white; Jakoby Williams, 1 blue, 4 red & 3 white; Kim Moore, 4 blue; Andria Pic, 6 blue & 2 red; April Carruthers, 1 red; Bob Nemmers, 1 blue & 1 red; Erin Wear, 1 blue & 2 red; and Sara Alexander, 6 blue, 8 red & 4 white.

Those entering the Interpretive Photography were asked to take a picture that gave a unique take on a word. Entrants could enter more than 1 photo in each section; The blue, red & white winners in each section were: “Bored/Board” blue, Susan Koehn; red, Tonja Roland-Ludwig & white, Danielle Storm; “Empty” blue, Carolyn Danner; red, Ruth Branderhorst & white, Ruth Branderhorst; “ Time” blue, Erin Wear; red, Juanita Roland & white, Gene Roland; “ Free” blue, Kaden Ludwig; red, Carolyn Danner & white, Danielle Storm.


bingo results

Bingo was played on Friday and Saturday night in Thomas Hall during the Keokuk County Fair in What Cheer. Winners on Friday night were: Vinetta Waltemeyer, Danielle Storm, Bret Little, Drew Fisher, Landon Conrad, Marty Christner, Nikki Thomas, Earl McKay, Kim Towns, Andy Thomas, & Jackie Culp. Earl McKay won the jackpot. There were 40 people playing on Friday night.

Saturday’s winners were: Carol Ridgeway (3), Alissa Berg, Marty Christner (2), Carissa Westphal, Brya Finch, Earl McKay, Treyton Berry, Larry Nichols, & Grocery Store Girls. Shelly Krumm was the jackpot winner. There were 49 people playing on Saturday night.

Youth Department Results

56 Youth entered 579 items in the Youth Department at the Keokuk County Fair in What Cheer.

Ribbon winners were: Hunter Wilson, 3 blue, 1 red & 2 white; Haley Wilson, 8 blue & 2 red; Karsyn Mahaffey, 7 blue & 8 red; Felicity Reddy, 22 blue, 36 red & 17 white; Josalyn Reddy, 10 blue, 24 red, & 26 white; Kayla Williams, 2 blue, 7 red & 6 white; Chelsea Poulter, 1 blue & 4 red; Eli Conrad, 1 blue & 2 red; Alex Conrad, 1 red & 2 white; Graci Coble, 12 blue & 2 red; Solomon Coble, 5 blue & 2 red; Layne Mahaffey, 7 blue, 2 red & 1 white; Kendra Branderhorst, 10 blue, 5 red & 7 white; Sydney Feenstra, 1 blue & 1 red; Avery Feenstra, 3 blue; Lydia Bleeker, 4 blue & 2 red; Kaden Ludwig, 1 red & 2 white; Amelia Phillips, 7 blue, 3 red & 2 white; Lauren Molyneux, 11 blue, 4 red & 10 white; Elle Ridgeway, 15 blue, 7 red & 5 white; Olivia Ridgeway, 11 blue, 7 red & 5 white; Trenton Van Zee, 8 blue, 4 red & 2 white; Austin Van Zee, 3 blue, 6 red & 1 white; Hayden McAdams, 2 blue & 2 red; Ellie Danner, 5 blue, 4 red, & 2 white; Carl Danner, 3 blue, 2 red & 2 white; Max Storm, 5 blue, 2 red & 1 white; Amelia Storm, 4 blue, 3 red & 1 white; Landon Conrad, 6 blue & 3 red; Alyssa Conrad, 7 blue, 3 red, & 1 white; Jakoby Williams, 7 blue, 8 red, & 6 white; Keller Little, 2 blue & 3 red; Ella Haines, 17 blue, 10 red & 6 white; Eli Haines, 1 red & 3 white; Evan Haines, 2 blue, 5 red & 1 white; Jaeden Lust, 3 blue, 4 red & 2 white; Gracen Lust, 6 blue & 2 red; Taeven Lust, 2 blue; Eli Quiroz, 1 blue & 2 red; Ariana Quiroz, 3 blue, 3 red & 1 white; Lola Quiroz, 3 blue, 3 red & 1 white; Lola Quiroz, 1 blue; Reanna Quiroz, 1 blue, 2 red & 2 white; Faye Schultz, 1 white; Stella Mercer, 1 blue; Ashia Maxwell, 1 blue; Raegan Molyneux, 1 blue & 1 red; Ava Schultz, 1 blue; Ryan Bonner, 1 blue; Henry Bos, 1 blue; Tuesday Davis, 5 blue, 1 red & 1 white; Emma Alexander, 1 blue, 4 red & 4 white; Sully Stanley, 4 blue, 1 red & 1 white; Quinn Stanley, 7 blue; Ayson Dennis, 1 blue; & Nazareth Davis, 3 blue.

Best of Division ribbons went to: Grains & Vegetables went to Amelia Phillips for her Vegetable Sculpture; Flowers and Plants to Ella Haines for her potted plant; Culinary went to Graci Coble for her Salsa; Textiles & Threads went to Ella Haines for her Purse; Photography went to Graci Coble for her Autumn Colors. Best of Show went to Kendra Branderhorst in the Arts & Crafts, Decorative Painting, other.

special category Results

The Special Categories Department at the Keokuk County Fair is different than all other departments in that, there is only 1 blue, 1 red and 1 white ribbon given in each division. The premium money is also larger than the other Departments. There were 69 total entries in the Special Categories Department.

Results in the paper mache newspaper (voted on by the public) were: In the Youth Division, Jackson Hiner was 1st, Jayden Hiner as 2nd and Hayden McAdams was 3rd. In the Adult Division, the winner was: Jamie Hiner, Quinten McAdams was 2nd, 3rd was Don McAdams. Also participating was Mendy McAdams.

The table setting, “BBQ Bash” was won by Dixie Shipley.

The Youth Division of the “Granny’s Pumpkins Bars” was won by Hayden McAdams, 2nd was Amelia Storm and 3rd was Maxwell Storm. Also participating was Tuesday Davis. In the Adult Division, 1st went to Mendy McAdams, 2nd to Faith Roland and 3rd to Quinten McAdams. Also baking were: Carolyn Danner, Enid Phillips, Regina Leer, and Danielle Storm.

Fair President’s Fruit Pie was Adult – 1st Norma Alpers, 2nd Enid Phillips and 3rd, Carol Horras. Also participating were: Faith Roland and Mabel Fisher.

Fair President’s Soft Pie – Adult – 1st Mabel Fisher, 2nd Regina Leer, and 3rd was Mendy McAdams. Also participating in the soft pie division was: Enid Phillips, Patty Herr, and Quinten McAdams.

Fair President’s Nut Pie – Adult – 1st Mabel Fisher and 2nd was Enid Phillips

Fair Secretary’s Cookie Jar had no youth participants. Adult winners were: 1st – Carolyn Danner, 2nd Regina Leer, and 3rd Carol Horras. Also participating were: Patty Herr, Enid Phillips and Norma Alpers.

Fair Board Candy Box winners were: 1st – Regina Leer, 2nd Enid Phillips and 3rd was Patty Herr.

New this year was the Ugliest Cake. 1st place went to Mendy McAdams, 2nd to Don McAdams.

Harness Racing Photographs: Horse on the track – 1st- Rita Dalziel, 2nd – Susan Koehn, 3rd – Donna Pilcher.

Before or After a Harness Race: 1st – Mendy McAdams, 2nd William Ludwig, 3rd was Rita Dalziel.

During a Race in What Cheer: 1st – Danielle Storm, 2nd – Rita Dalziel and 3rd – William Ludwig.

Grand Prize winner was Rita Dalziel


Arts & Crafts Results

There were 129 entries by 31 exhibitors in the Arts and Crafts Division of the 2018 Keokuk County Fair in What Cheer. Best of Show and Best Division in the Crafts department was won by Marvin Heisdorffer for his guitar. In the Art Division, Best of Division was won by Caitlin Rohrbaugh for her animals watercolor.

Other winners were: Diana Reddy, 9 blue, & 11 red; Morgan Reddy, 7 blue 12 red & 1 white; Ruth Branderhorst, 4 blue & 2 red; Tonja Roland-Ludwig, 2 blue & 1 red; Susan Koehn, 6 blue & 1 red; Kristin Van Zee, 2 blue; Don McAdams, 1 blue; Betty Benge, 3 blue, 3 red; Angela Shephard, 1 blue; Leah Zuber, 4 blue and 5 red; Caitlin Rohrbaugh, 2 blue; Sandra George, 1 red; Mary Molyneux, 1 blue; Virginia Pierson, 1 blue & 1 red; Mike Williams, 2 blue; Reace Thomas, 1 red; Jan Dugger, 1 blue; Sharon Mercer, 1 blue; Andria Pic, 1 blue; Marvin Heisdorfer, 2 blue; April Carruthers, 2 red; Chrystal Danner 1 blue; Glori Johnson, 1 red; Lana Langman, 1 blue; Sara Alexander, 1 red; Skyler Fisher, 3 blue; Ayson Dennis, 1 blue; Matt Tomas, 2 blue; Rebekka Hartwig, 1 red; Austin Luebbers, 5 blue; and Patty Herr, 1 blue.


culinary department Results

17 exhibitors entered 196 items in the Keokuk County Fair Culinary Department in What Cheer. Best of Show went to Carol Horras for rolls. She also won Best of Division for the rolls. Best of Division in the Pies went to Regina Leer for a peanut butter pie. Enid Phillips won Best of Division in the Candies for her caramels. In the Decorated Cakes and Cookies Division, Darlene Kirby won Best of Division for her any holiday cookies. In the Jams, Jellies & Spice Goods Vegetable beef soup.

Other winners were: Patty Herr, 13 blue and 1 red; Carolyn Danner, 18 blue; Enid Phillips, 8 blue and 1 red; Regina Leer, 14 blue; Ruth Brandenhorst, 14 blue and 2 red; Norma Alpers, 17 blue; Susan Koehn, 16 blue; Darlene Kirby, 7 blue; Kristen Van Zee, 3 blue; Donna Gudith, 3 blue; Floy White, 7 blue and 2 red; Carol Horras, 29 blue; Landa Laman, 22 blue; Skylar Fisher, 5 blue, Laura Becker, 6 blue; Martha Schlict, 3 blue and Lois Taylor, 4 blue and 1 red.


grains, vegetables & fruits deparment Results

17 exhibitors entered 75 items in the Grains, Vegetables & Fruits Department. Susan Koehn won the Best of Division in the Vegetables for green peppers. Best of Division in Grains was Susan Koehn for her yellow ears of corn. In the Best of Division in Fruits was Deb Harris for her raspberries. The Best of Division for her Open Basket of Vegetables was won by Carolyn Danner. Overall the Best of Show was won by Susan Koehn for her green peppers.

Other ribbon winners were: Carolyn Danner, 4 blue, 6 red; Ruth Branderhorst, 4 blue & 1 white; Norma Alpers, 2 blue; April Phillips, 3 blue and 1 red; Susan Koehn, 16 blue & 4 red; Darlene Kirby, 1 red & 1 white; Joyce Harris, 1 blue; Deb Harris, 1 blue; John Bookhart, 1 red; Kristin Van Zee, 1 blue, 2 red, & 1 white; Mendy McAdams, 1 blue; Donna Gudith, 4 blue, 1 red & 1 white, Dixie Shipley, 2 blue; Sandra George, 2 blue; Fay White, 2 red & 2 white; Carol Horras 1 blue, 2 red & 1 white; Sharon Mercer, 2 red & 1 white.


textile & threads deparment Results

The Keokuk County Fair had 14 exhibitors enter 74 items in the Textiles and Threads Department. In the Fabric division, Norma Alpers won Best of Division for a blouse; in the Counted Cross Stitch Division, Virgina Pierson won Best of Division And Best of Show for a picture; in the Threads Division, Norma Alpers won Best of Division for a Centerpiece; in the Miscellaneous Division, Darlene Kirby won Best of Division for her holiday centerpiece; and in the Quilt Division, Loretta Hudson won Best of Division for her t-shirt quilt.

Others receiving ribbons were: Dot Romano, 11 blue; Sally Crile, 6 blue and 1 red; Juanita Roland, 1 blue; Norma Alpers, 12 blue and 3 red; Darlene Kirby, 3 blue; Darlene Morrison, 2 blue and 2 red; Wanda Hawkins, 1 blue; Virginia Pierson, 9 blue; Michelle James, 1 blue and 2 red; Rebekka Hartwig, 1 red; Loretta Hudson, 1 blue; Peg Grimm, 4 blue; Micki Van Donselaar, 11 blue and 1 red; and Landa Layman, 11 blue and 6 red.


Floral deparment Results

Forty exhibitors had 282 entries in the Floral Department of the Keokuk County Fair. Best of Show went to Carolyn Danner. Winning for Best of Division were: Patty Herr, Carolyn Danner, Mike Striegel and Valerie McCulley.

In the Wilma Moore Memorial Division, Ruth Branderhorst won a blue for Best Artistic and for Best Specimen. Patty Herr received a red for the Artistic and Carolyn Danner a red for Specimen.

Others getting ribbons in the Artistic Division were: Dot Romano, 10 blue; Diana Reddy, 3 blue and 1 red; Patty Herr, 11 blue and 2 red; Carolyn Danner, 2 red and 1 white; Kendra Branderhorst, 1 blue; April Phillips, 2 blue, Joyce Harris, 4 blue and 1 red; Deb Harris, 3 blue and 2 red; John Bookout, 1 blue and 1 red; Hope Streeter, 1 blue and 1 red; Dixie Shipley, 9 blue and 1 red; Sandy George, 1 blue and 6 red; Sharon Mercer, 1 red, Roma Neitzel, 5 blue and 1 red; Sara Alexander, 1 red & Valerie McCulley, 4 blue and 4 red.

In the Specimen Division getting ribbons were: Dot Romano, 27 blue, 8 red; Diana Reddy, 3 blue and 1 red; Patty Herr, 1 blue & 1 red; Carolyn Danner, 20 blue and 10 red; Ruth Branderhorst, 5 blue and 1 red; Norma Alpers, 5 blue and 1 red; Keith Becker, 2 red; April Phillips, 4 blue and 2 red; Susan Koehn, 4 blue and 1 red; Joyce Harris, 2 blue; Deb Harris, 2 blue; John Bookoutk, 6 blue and 2 red; Hope Streeter, 5 blue and 1 red; Casie Hunt, 1 blue and 2 red; Kristin Van Zee, 3 blue and 1 red; Don McAdams, 1 blue and 2 red; Mendy McAdams, 4 blue and 1 red; Quinten McAdams, 1 blue; Donna Gudith, 1 blue; Dixie Shipley, 1 blue; Sandra George, 7 blue and 6 red; Leda McAdams, 1 blue; Carol Horras, 7 blue and 1 red; Sharon Mercer, 1 blue and 2 red; Gary Waechter, 9 blue; Suzette Striegel, 2 blue and 2 red; Roger Roland, 1 red; Elle Ridgeway, 1 blue; Mike Striegel, 2 blue; Coleen Fisher, 3 blue and 1 red; Laura Becker, 1 blue and 1 red; Miranda Little, 1 blue; Valerie McCulley, 8 blue and 1 red; and Jim McCulley, 1 blue and 1 red.

In the Table Settings: Flower Girls got a blue ribbon and Delta Garden club a red.


FFA Ag Mechanics Small Projects

The FFA Ag Mechanics small projects, 9-12 winners were: 1st, Brandt Molyneux for a table; 2nd, Dayton Pace for a hitch bracket; and 3rd Cody Graber for a hitch bracket. In the 7-12, Lauren Molyneux received 1st for her artistic pig; in the 7-12 wood division, 1st went to Kyle Kinzeback for a shelf, 2nd to Delanie Little for a shelf and to Dillon MacCready for a shelf.

Scavenger Hunt Results

Every year there is a Scavenger Hunt at the Keokuk County Fair in What Cheer. The answers for the 21 questions can be found by roving around the fairgrounds, attending an event or in the fair book.

This year’s winner was Tonja Roland-Ludwig, who missed 3 questions but scored more on the name of the year written in the concrete and where found. . Tying for 2nd were Jackie Culp and Penny Ward. Jackie and Penny also missed 3 but didn’t the bonus points about the concrete. The 2nd and 3rd place prize money was divided between the two. Other participants were Linda Hockey, Danielle Storm, and Jakoby Williams.

5K, Mile Run & Rosie Phillips Fun Walk Results

The Keokuk County Fair 5K, Mile Run and Rosie Phillips Fun Walk was held on Saturday, July 14th at the Fairgrounds in What Cheer. The morning was warm and humid as the race was delayed for over 5 minutes due to rain. The 5 K race course was new this year featuring the rolling hills of What Cheer and will be used in future years. There were no entries in the Mile Run. The Fair Run is sponsored and managed by the Tri-County FFA Chapter. Thank you to Earl McKay, Gary Joe Van Patten & Jeremy Bolinger for their help.

Race results:
  • 5K – 1st was Gareth Stefanic, Oskaloosa, 19:58 (course record) 2nd was Art Millikin, Hedrick Rosie Phillips Fun Walk
  • 10 & under: 1st Naomi Wadsworth, 2nd Conner Wadsworth, 3rd Cain Wadsworth
  • 30 & under: 1st Caitlin Leer, 2nd McKenzie Hammes (Fair Queen)
  • 60 & under: 1st Ann Wadsworth, 2nd Tonja Roland-Ludwig, 3rd Bill Ludwig
  • 61 & over: 1st Connie Hemsley, 2nd Regina Leer, 3rd Don Phillips


Here are horse show results for the Keokuk County Fair in What Cheer July 15.

Draft Horse Halter: 1st -- Emma Bair, 2nd -- Ben Zehr, 3rd -- Ryan Martin
Pony Halter: 1st -- Kenneth Widmer, 2nd -- Savannah Hewitt, 3rd -- Ella Haines, 4th -- Braxtyn Mendenhall, 5th -- Linkyn Bru
Mare Halter: 1st -- Emma Bair, 2nd -- Linkyn Bru, 3rd -- Kayveohna Johnson, 4th -- Kenneth Widmer, 5th -- Quincy Conger
Gelding Halter: 1st -- Alyssa Hewitt, 2nd -- Kenneth Widmer, 3rd -- Clayton Hewitt
Champion Halter: Emma Bair
Youth Showmanship: 1st -- Linkyn Bru, 2nd -- Quincy Conger, 3rd -- Shelby Conger, 4th -- Ella Haines, 5th -- Kenneth Widmer
Open Showmanship: 1st -- Emma Bair
Lead Line: 1st -- Octavia VanPatten, 2nd -- Otley VanPatten
Young Horseman: 1st -- Kenneth Widmer, 2nd -- Linkyn Bru, 3rd -- Evan Haines, 4th -- Otley VanPatten, 5th -- Octavia VanPatten
Youth Walk Trot: 1st -- Savannah Hewitt, 2nd -- Clayton Hewitt, 3rd -- Alyssa Hewitt, 4th -- Linkyn Bru, 5th -- Kayveohna Johnson
Open Walk Trot:1st -- Quincy Conger, 2nd -- Clayton Hewitt, 3rd -- Shelby Conger, 4th -- Alyssa Hewitt, 5th -- Taylor Zehr
Draft Team Men: 1st -- Ben Zehr, 2nd -- Ryan Martin
Youth Western Pleasure: 1st -- Alyssa Hewitt, 2nd -- Savannah Hewitt, 3rd -- Clayton Hewitt
Open Western Pleasure: 1st -- Quincy Conger
Ranch Horse Pleasure: 1st -- Emma Bair, 2nd -- Linkyn Bru, 3rd -- Diana Widmer, 4th -- Shelby Conger, 5th -- Kenneth Widmer
Draft Team Women: 1st -- Emma Bair, 2nd -- Sarah Hewitt
Ride a Buck: 1st -- Quincy Conger, 2nd -- Linkyn Bru, 3rd -- Alyssa Hewitt, 4th -- Kenneth Widmer, 5th -- Emma Bair
Winning High Point Junior belt buckle: Linkyn Bru
Winning High Point Senior belt buckle: Emma Bair
Winning the Steve Thomas Blanket: Dan, horse of Emma Bair
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