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July 11-14, 2024
what cheer, iowa

figure 8 rules & regulations


The figure 8 races are produced as an unusual spectator attraction. In the interest of safety, anyone entering is subject to and must obey the following rules and regulations that are set up cooperatively by the IDRA and the 4 Southeastern Iowa tracks.

The figure 8 races will be composed of individual heats and featured events. The decision of the official judges and counters will be final for all events.

A. The promoters reserve the right to approve or reject all entries.
B. Each driver must sign and fill out an the entry form. An entry of $25.00 will be charged and that includes drivers pit pass only.
C. Owners, pitmen, and anyone entering the pit area will pay a $15.00 fee for a pit pass. Only individuals with a pit pass will be allowed in the pits. All persons entering the pit area must sign a waiver of liability. NO ONE UNDER 14 IS ALLOWED IN THE PITS.
D. Drivers must be 16 years of age: with judges’ right to determine driver incapability. (16 and/or 17 year old drivers must have parent’s signature.
E. No cars are permitted on the track before their heat or before the official hot laps.
F. Cars may be inspected before they are allowed to race. Cars can be randomly checked for certain items at any time after any race.
G. A driver can protest another competitor’s car immediately after a race. It must be done within 15 minutes after that car race. A protest fee of $35.00 cash must accompany the protest. The car will be inspected for legal engine, tires, and suspension. If the car is found illegal, protesting driver will get $25.00 back and $10.00 will go to the track officials.
H. Rules are subject to change according to the committee.
I. NO BEER OR ALCOHOL will be allowed in the pit area. Drinking on the track or pit area will result in your removal from the grounds, the car will be disqualified, and the points and winnings will be forfeited for that event. FIGHTING AND EXTREME BAD LANGUAGE WILL RESULT IN THE SAME PENTALTY AS ABOVE. This included drivers, pit crew, and followers. Drivers you are responsible for these individuals. Official’s decisions are final.
J. All points stay with the driver and no switching of cars.
K. Additional safety regulations may be imposed depending on track conditions.
L. All cars are to be removed from the grounds within 48 hours following the race or they become tack property.


A. No deliberate hits, head on collisions, or hitting a drivers door. Violators will be BLACK FLAGGED both driver and car will be DISQUALIFIED for the remainder of the day. If in the flagman’s judgment, that the hit and/or conduct was deliberate.
B. A car will be BLACK FLAGGED if a tire comes off the wheel, unless that car is running in the top 3 positions and doesn’t get passed. If the car gets passed, then it is BLACK FLAGGED.
C. Any driver or car judged to have violated the rules will be BLACK FLAGGED and must leave the track immediately and return to the pit area.
D. It the car is late to staging area and the cars are on the track, but not racing, the late car may still enter the race but must start at the rear.

Front Wheel Drive Class
Thunder Truck Class

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