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July 10-12, 2020
what cheer, iowa

2019 Fair Results

Youth Department Results

Fifty-Five youth entered 392 items. Ribbon winners were:

Kendra Branderhorst – 6 blue and 6 red
Sydney Feenstra – 2 blue and 3 red
Avery Feenstra – 2 blue, 3 red & 1 white
Barrett Blecker – 2 blue, 1 red & 1 white
Lydia Blecker- 3 Blue & 1 red
Eli Conrad – 2 blue, 4 red & 1 white
Alex Conrad – 2 red
Hayden McAdams – 2 red & 4 white
Ellie Danner – 1 blue, 8 red & 3 white
Carl Danner – 1 Blue, 5 red & 6 white
Lauren Molyneux – 5 blue & 2 red
Haley Thomas – 2 blue & 1 red
Carter Thomas – 3 blue, 2 red & 2 white
Haley Oosterhouse – 7 blue, 11 red & 4 white
Samantha Oosterhouse – 8 blue, 12 red & 6 white
Madeline Oosterhouse – 6 blue, 5 red, & 3 white
Adam Bos-Rauch – 3 blue, 4 red & 5 white
Jenna Bos-Rauch – 2 blue, 5 red & 5 white
Sullivan Stanley – 3 red & 3 blue
Quinn Stanley – 2 blue, 1 red & 6 white
Jakoby Williams – 9 blue, 8 red & 5 white
Amelia Phillips – 5 blue
Nash Phillips – 2 blue & 2 red
Belle Elwood – 1 blue & 1 red
London & Brooklyn Linder – 1 blue
Ayson Dennis – 1 red & 1 white
Jaeden Lust – 1 blue, 5 red & 1 white
Gracen Lust – 1 blue, 4 red & 1 white
Taeven Lust – 2 blue, 2 red, & 1 white
Tuesday Davis – 5 blue, 1 red & 1 white
Nazareth Davis – 3 blue, 2 red and 1 white
Keller Little – 7 blue
Emma Alexander – 1 blue & 3 red
Ben Flander – 1 blue
Stella Mercer – 1 blue
Hailey Brackelsberg – 5 blue, 2 red & 2 white
Eli Quiroz – 2 red & 3 white
Lily Elwood, 1 blue, 2 red & 1 white
Lola Quiroz – 2 white
Ariana Quiroz – 3 blue, 4 red 7 5 white
Reanna Quiroz – 2 blue, 1 red & 1 white
Grayce Williams – 3 blue, 2 red & 1 white
Ian Williams – 1 blue, 1 red & 1 white
Faye Schultz - 1 blue
Norah Miller – 1 blue & 2 red
Trent Van Gilst – 3 blue
Ryan Bonner – 1 blue & 1 red
Henry Bos – 1 blue
Ruthie Molynuex – 1 blue
Zola Molyneux 1 blue
Ashla Maxwell – 1 blue, 1 red & 5 white
Evan Haines – 1bluem, 1 red & 5 white
Kaitlynn Pinkam - 2 blue2 red & 3 white
Eli Haines – 1 red & 3 white
Ella Haines- 14 blue, 17 red & 9 white
  • Winning Best of Division in photography was Ella Haines for her picture of flowers.
  • Best of Division in Grains & Vegetables was Tuesday Davis.
  • In the Flowers and Plants Division, Amelia Phillips won Best of Division for her Lily.
  • In Culinary, Hailey Brackelsberg won Best of Division for her salsa.
  • Textiles and Threads Best of Division went to Norah Mill for her quilt.
  • Ryan Bonner won Best of Division in Arts and Crafts for an Independence Display. Ryan also won the Best of Show for that Independence Display.

  • Queens Cake Results

    Each year the Keokuk County Fair Queen and her court judge the Queen’s Cake Contest. This year the judges were Queen Alaina Allen and her court, Riley Clarahan and Ryleigh Leonard.

  • 1st place went to Martha Schlict for her Spring Fling Cake
  • 2nd to Don McAdams with a Samoa Chocolate Cake
  • 3rd went to Juanita Roland with a Chocolate Lava Cake
  • Also entering was Mendy McAdams with a Rice Krispie Funfetti Cake.

  • Special Categories Results

    The Special Categories Department at the Keokuk County Fair is different from all the other departments because only 1 blue, 1 red and 1 white ribbon is given in each division. There is also a larger premium paid out in this department. There were 24 people entering in the Special Categories Division. The paper mache newspaper, table setting, and ugliest cake were voted on by the public. Those entering were:

    • Hayden McAdams was 1st in the Newspaper Youth division.
    • In the adult Division 1st was Mendy McAdams, Don McAdams 2nd, Quinten McAdams 3rd, Also entering was Donna McAdams
    • The table setting division – “Garden Party” was won by Ruth Brandenhorst. 2nd place went to Jackie Culp, 3rd to Karla Lee, Also entering was Dixie Shipley.
    • The Youth Division of the Recipe Challenge was won by Hayden McAdams. The adult division was won by Carol Horras with 2nd going to Mendy McAdams and 3rd to Norma Alpers. Also entering were Carolyn Danner, Adrianne Thomas and Regina Leer.
    • The Fair President’s Pie contest had only one youth entry, Hayden McAdams who got a 2nd place ribbon for his fruit pie. In the adult fruit pie, 1st place went to Martha Schlit, 2nd to Patty Herr and 3rd to Mendy McAdams. There were no soft pie youth entires. In the adult division, 1st place went to Patty Herr, 2nd to Regina Leer, and 3rd to Adrianne Thomas. There were no entries in the youth or adult nut pie division.
    • The Fair Secretary’s Cookie jar was won by Regina Leer, 2nd went to Mendy McAdams and 3rd to Carolyn Danner. Also entering was Carol Horras. There were no youth entries in the cookie jar division.
    • The Fair Board Candy Box only had one entry. Regina Leer got a 2nd place ribbon. There were no youth entries.
    • Division 7 was the Ugliest Cake. It had no youth entries. Winning 1st was Don McAdams and 2nd went to Mendy McAdams.
    • Division 8 was the Harness Racing category. Harness Horse on any track in Iowa 1st place went to Mateer Strong, 2nd to Patty Herr and 3rd to Kim Strong. Also entering were: Mendy McAdams, Don McAdams, Roger Strong, Tonja Ludwig, Bill Ludwig, Donna Pitcher, and Barbara Roland.
    • Category 2 was a picture taken in a barn location before or after a race in Iowa. 1st went to Tonja Ludwig, 2nd to Roger Strong and 3rd to Barbara Roland. Also entering were: Donna Pitcher, Bill Ludwig, Kim Strong, Mateer Strong , Susan Koehn and Patty Herr.
    • Category 3 was a picture taken during a harness horse race at the Keokuk County Fairgrounds in What Cheer. 1st place went to Kim Strong, 2nd to Mendy McAdams, and 3rd to Don McAdams. The grand prize winner for the Harness Race pictures went to Quinten McAdams. Also entering were: Patty Herr, Susan Koehn, Mateer Strong, Bill Ludwig, Tonja Ludwig, Donna Pitcher, and Barbara Roland.


    Fourteen exhibitors entered 59 items in the Grains, Vegetables & Fruits Department of the Keokuk County Fair.
  • Carol Hazen won Best of Show and Best of Division for her tomatoes
  • Susan Koehn won Best of Division for her shelled yellow corn and for her open vegetable basket.
  • John Bookout won Best of Division for his red raspberries.
    Other ribbon winners were:
  • Ruth Brandenhurst – 6 blue
    Carolyn Danner – 6 blue & 2 red
    Patty Herr 2 blue
    Susan Koehn – 22 blue & 5 red
    Carol Hazen – 1 blue
    Joyce Harris – 1 blue
    Deb Harris – 1 blue
    John Bookout – 1 blue
    Dixie Shipley – 2 blue
    Pat Williams – 1 blue
    Donna Gudith -1 blue & 1 red
    Carol Horras – 2 blue & 2 red
    Floy White – 2 blue
    Marg Moyneux 1 red.

    Textiles and threads results

    The Keokuk County fair had 16 exhibitors enter 98 items in the Textiles and Threads Division of the fair.  Exhibitors entering the Textiles and Threads division were:
    Ruth Brandenhorst – 1 blue & 1 red
    Darlene Kirby – 4 blue & 1 red
    Norma Alpers – 4 blue
    Adrianne Thomas – 2 blue
    Virginia Pierson – 9 blue
    Emelia Weltch - 1 blue & 1 red
    Anna Bennett – 3 blue
    Loretta Hudson – 1 blue
    Sally Crile – 6 blue
    Pat Grimm – 15 blue & 2 red
    Vickey Smith – 6 Blue
    Lada Langman – 10 blue & 12 red
    Sandy Van Patten – 1 blue
    Karla Lee – 3 blue & 2 red
    Lisa VanGilst – 1 blue
    M Van Donselaar – 12 blue

    Best of Division in the Fabric division went to Lis Van Gilst;  the counted cross stitch division winner was; Adrianne Thomas; Vicky Smith was the division winner in the Threads division for her hot pan holder; Miscellaneous division winner was M. Van Donselaar.  She was also the Best of Show for her Pillow.

    Arts and Crafts results

    There were 90 entries by 37 exhibitors in the Arts and Crafts Division of the 2019 Keokuk County Fair in What Cheer.
  • Best of Show went to Matt Tomas for his wasp.
  • Best of Division in the Crafts Division went to Anna Bennet of her necklace.
  • Best of Division in Arts went to Travis Duffield for his landscape painting.
  • Other winners were:
    Haley Oosterhouse, 1 blue
    Ruth Branderhorst, 4 blue & 4 red
    Shelly Gordon, 1 blue
    Travis Duffield, 1 blue
    Patty Herr, 1 blue
    Susan Koehn, 5 blue
    Mendy McAdams, 2 white
    Don McAdams, 2 blue & 1 red
    Quintin McAdams, 1 blue & 1 red
    Tammy Hines, 1 red
    Debbie Powers, 1 red
    John Everman, 1 blue
    Michael Collins, 1 blue
    Steve Morrow, 1 white
    Audra Aldridge, 1 red
    Charles Zuehlke, 2 red
    Jim Messer, 1 blue
    Betty Benge, 5 blue & 2 red
    Virginia Pierson, 16 blue & 1 red
    Marvin Heisdorffer, 2 blue
    Anna Bennet, 2 blue
    Brenda Ooosterhouse, 1 blue & 1 red
    Pat Williams, 1 blue
    Connie Heisdorffer, 1 blue
    Mike Spees, 1 blue
    Angie Shepherd, 4 blue
    Sally Crile, 1 red
    Tonja Ludwig, 1 blue & 1 red
    Sara Alexander, 2 red
    Sharon Mercer, 1 blue
    Fred Hussion, 1 red
    Jesse Quiroz, 1 red
    Amber Smith, 2 blue
    Belle Elwood, 3 blue & 1 red
    Floy White, 1 blue & 1 red
    Matt Tomas, 1 blue

    Culinary results

    There were 19 exhibitors entering a total of 183 items in the Culinary Division of the Keokuk County Fair.
  • Best of Show and Best of Division went to Carol Horras for her rolls.
  • Best of Division went to Regina Leer for her soft Pie.
  • Patty Herr won Best of Division for her candy.
  • Janelle Bos won a Best of Division for her novelty cake.
  • Brenda Oosterhouse won a Best of Division for her Dandelion Jelly in the Jelly Class.
  • Carolyn Danner won Best of Division for her canned applesauce.
  • Other winners were:
    Carolyn Danner, 14 blue
    Patty Herr, 7 blue
    Susan Koehn, 17 blue
    Mendy McAdams, 4 blue
    Darlene Kirby, 5 blue
    Norma Alpers, 2 blue
    Regina Leer, 14 blue
    Brenda Oosterhourse, 27 blue
    Janelle Boss, 2 blue
    Tonja Ludwig, 2 blue
    Donna Gudith, 1 blue
    Carol Horras, 21 blue
    Peg Grimm, 15 blue
    Beverly Kincade, 1 red
    Roma Neitzel, 1 blue
    Landa Langman, 24 blue
    Martha Schlicht, 2 blue
    & Lois Taylor, 8 blue

    Tractor Pull results

    The Keokuk County Fair in What Cheer held the Ohana Pedal Pull on Friday night, July 12 as part of their Free Family Fun Night.
  • There was one 3 year old, Drew Matzen.
  • In the 4 year old group was 1st , Otley Van Patten, 2nd, Cain Osipchack, 3rd, Kooper Birch.
  • Also pulling was Preston Krumm, Lydia Kline and Justin Olson.
  • In the 5 year old groups,
  • 1st went to Brooklyn Linder, 2nd to Austin Wolford, 3rd to Quinn Stanley.
  • Also pulling were; Maddix Lucas, Braxton Krumm, Karigan Birch, Autsin Patterson, and Declan Dennis.

    The 6 year old group had,
  • 1st Taeven Lust, 2nd Jaxsen Thompson, & 3rd Carter Thomas. Also pulling was Daisy Matzen.

  • The 7 year old group had
  • 1st Mason Fletcher, 2nd London Linder, & 3rd Blake Lucas. Also pulling was Demetrius Schrader, Baylie Patterson, Tucker Thompson & Hunter Wolford.

  • The 8 year old group only had 2 pullers, 1st Gracen Lust and 2nd to Kenzleigh Birch.

    There were 3 in the 9 year olds,
  • 1st to Dayne Chiddick, 2nd Easton Krumm and 3rd to Makenzie Fletcher.

  • The 10 year old group had
  • 1st, Aubrey Zittergruen, 2nd Ava Gehring & 3rd, Rylee Wolford.

  • For the 11 year olds,
  • Maddie Sieren was 1st.

  • Baby Pageant Results

    The 2019 Keokuk County Fair Baby Pageant sponsored by Delta Grocery& the Fair Board was held on Friday evening, July 12, in front of the grandstand.

    Awards given to babies born between January 1, 2019 and the Fair were:
    darkest eyes, Maisie Rabe, daughter of Hazel Kitzman & Colton Rabe of Marion; smallest, Amaya Thompson, daughter of Jarek & Tori Thompson of What Cheer; mellowest, Darcie Matzen, daughter of Dylon & Felonie Matzen of Delta; rosiest cheeks, Darla Matzen,  daughter of Dylon & Felonie Matzen of Delta; most hair, Reagan Voyles, daughter of Ryan & Leann Voyles of Delta; smallest, Ayson Vance, son of Katelyn Vance of What Cheer; darkest hair, Fletcher Faas, son of Whit & Alissa Faas of Williamsburg; sleepiest, Brextyn Bruns, son of Hunter & Austin Bruns of Sigourney; most curious, Beckett Horton, son of Taylor Markam & Jake
    Horton of University Park; and most hair, Ty Zehr, son of Ben & Taylor Zehr of Ladora.

    Awards for babies born between July 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018 were:
    curliest hair, Sophie Olson, daughter of Stephen & Tassa Olson of What Cheer; bluest eyes, Brailey Brumbaugh, daughter of Colt & Sami Brumbaugh of Keswick;   most energetic, Willow Elder, daughter of Chase & Allison Elder of Sigourney; most curious, Magnolia Alverez, daughter of Jeffery Alverez & Katie Bunting of What Cheer; chubbiest cheeks, Emilia Winkleman, daughter of Logan Winkleman & Jennifer Leer of What Cheer; happiest, Jaxon Olson, son of Jeff & Nicole Olson of Sigourney; sleepiest, Scott Stout, son of Greg & Elizabeth Stout of Montezuma; and most energetic, Kaden Schirmer, son of Cody & Shelby Schirmer of What

    Awards for babies born between January 1, 2018 & June 30, 2018 were:
    most curious, Lilah Almond, daughter of Chrissy Almond of What Cheer;  biggest smile, Blayke Pence, daughter of Adam & Kelsey Pence of Delta; crankiest, Laken Cranston, daughter of Michael Cranston & Julie Hartwig of What Cheer; mellowest, Isabella Decker, daughter of Andrew Decker& Adrianna Lankford of What Cheer; reddest hair, Ben Weber, son of Alex& Morgan Weber of Sigourney; curliest hair, Jax Bender, son of Max& Jessica Bender of Keswick; and biggest smile, Walker Morse son of Rodney Morse & Stella Mackin of Montezuma.

    Crowned Little Miss Keokuk County Fair was Sophie Olson & Little Mister Keokuk County Fair was Jax Bender. First Runners up were: Blayke Pence& Kaden Schrimer and 2nd runners up were: Reagan Voyles & Beckett Horton.

    Photography Results

    Four hundred sixty photographs were entered for judging at the Keokuk County Fair in What Cheer.

    Winning Best of Show was Patty Herr. A Best of Division Rosette was award to Samantha Sterling.

    In the Interpretive Photography, only 1 blue, 1 red & 1 white ribbon is awarded in each section. Patty Herr, 1 blue, 2 red, & 1 white; Erin Wear, 1 blue & 1 white; Susan Koehn, 1 white; Sara Alexander, 1 red; Jacoby Williams, 1 blue; Haley Osterhaus, 1 blue; Tonja Ludwig, 1 red,& Skyler Fisher 1 white.

    Other ribbon winners were:    
    Don McAdams, 7 blue & 11 red;
    Mendy McAdams, 15 blue & 13 red;
    Susan Koehn, 14 blue & 12 red;
    Patty Herr, 27 blue& 20 red;
    Shelly Gordon, 2 blue;
    Carolyn Danner, 13 blue & 17 red;
    Ruth Brandenhorst, 3 blue & 1 red;
    Madeline Osterhaus, 12 blue & 11 red;
    Mateer Strong, 2 blue;
    Quintin McAdams, 10 red;
    Samantha Sterling, 4 blue & 2 red;
    Carol Hazen 1 blue & 2 red;
    Joyce Harris 2 red;
    Debra Harris, 2 blue;
    Hope Streeter, 1 blue & 1 red;
    Eliza Finch, 1 blue;
    Virginia Pierson, 20 blue & 7 red;
    Kim Strong, 1 red;
    Roger Strong, 1 blue;
    Jacoby Williams, 12 blue & 6 red;
    Brenda Osterhaus, 2 blue & 2 red;
    Tonja Ludwig, 10 blue & 4 red;
    Bill Ludwig, 4 blue & 4 red;
    Erin Wear, 10 blue & 14 red;
    Sara Alexander, 9 blue & 10 red;
    Andria Pic, 1 blue & 3 red;
    Amber Smith, 3 blue & 3 red;
    Chari Heldenbrand, 3 blue & 1 red;
    Skyler Fisher, 5 blue.

    Scavenger Hunt Results

    The 2019 Keokuk County Fair Scavenger Hunt had 30 questions such as:
    How many weights are on the front gate of the Fairgrounds? What building is a Bonaza Building?  & How many framed pictures are in Thomas Hall?. Prize money of $100, $50, & $25 were awarded to those with the most correct answers. Answering 29 of 30  questions correctly for the first prize was Tonja Ludwig. Second place went to Jackie Culp & third place to Jordan Hartwig.

    Bingo Results

    Forty-five people played bingo on opening night of the Keokuk County Fair in What Cheer . Winners were: Chloe Zittergruen,  Marty Christner,  Beverly Kincade, Andy Thomas, Melinda Kincade, Kayla Shilling, Donna Peer. Audrey Little, Landon Conrad, Tina  Bishop, and Jackie Culp.  The jackpot winner was Donna Peer.
    Saturday night there were 37 playing bingo. Winners were: Macie Little, Phyllis Nicholson,  Keagal Michael,  Kimberly Gerard  Carol Ridgeway,  Jennifer Carney, Rhonda Thomas,  Dtew Fisher,  Melinda Kinkade, Maddie Sieren ,    and Faye Schultz. Jackpot winner was Dianna.

    MECHANICS Results

    The FFA Ag Mechanics small project winner at the Keokuk County Fair in What Cheer was Jakoby Williams. In the 7-8 metal category, 1st went to Macy Schmidt and2nd to Eli Molyneux. Then in the 7-8 wood category, 1st went to Chloe Zittergruen and 2nd to Grayce Williams.

    Flowers and Plants Results

    The Flower and Plants department was down in entries, mostly due to the fact that the weather had not co-operated with the exhibitors.

    Winners were:
    Ruth Brandhorst – 6 blue, 1 red, a blue in artistic & a white in the Wilma Moore Artistic category
    Carolyn Danner – 16 blue, 7 red, 2 blue in Artistic, 1 Best of Show and 1 Best of Division
    Jackie Culp – a red in the table category
    Patty Herr – 4 red, 10 Blue in Artistic, 1 red in artistic, 1 white in Wilma Moore, Specimen & a Best of Division
    Susan Koehn – 9 blue, 2 red, & 1 Best of Division
    Mendy McAdams – 3 blue & 1 red
    Don McAdams – 1 blue & 1 red
    Quintin McAdams – 1 blue
    Carol Hazen, 1 red
    Joyce Harris – 2 blue, 1 red & 2 blue in Artistic
    Deb Harris – 2 blue & 1 blue in Artistic
    John Bookout – 2 blue
    Dixie Shipley, 1 red, 7 blue in Artistic, & a Blue in Wilma Moore Artistic
    Kim Strong – 4 Blue
    Mateer Strong – 3 blue & 1 red
    Fun Bunch, 1 blue for their table setting
    April Adams – 14 blue, 1 red and 1 red for Best of Division
    Donna Gudith – 1 blue
    Sara Alexander – 1 blue & 1 red in artistic
    Carol Horras – 14 blue, 3 red & 1 Red in Wilma Moore Specimen division
    Reaanna Quiroz – 4 blue & 1 red
    Lily Elwood – 5 blue & 1 red
    Mike Striegel – 3 blue & 1 red
    Suzette Streigel - 5 blue and 6 red
    Roma Neitzel - 5 blue in Artistic and 2 red in Artistic
    Carla Lee - 5 blue, 8 blue in Artistic, 1 red in Table setting, 1 red in Wilma Moore artistic & 1 blue in Wilma Moore specimen
    Jan Dugger – 1 blue
    Reace Thomas – 1 blue

    Horse and Mule Show results

    The Flower and Plants department was down in entries, mostly due to the fact that the weather had not co-operated with the exhibitors.

    Winners were:
    Draft Horse Halter – 1st Ben Zehr
    2nd Emma Bair; Pony Halter – 1st Autumn Vandekamp
    2nd Diana Wimer
    3rd Colten Voyles
    4th Kenneth Widmer
    5th Tatumn Vandekamp; Mare Halter – 1st Emma Bair
    2nd Ben Flander
    3rd Linkyn Bru
    4th Cadence Linden
    5th Diana Widmer; Gelding Halter – 1st Emma Bair
    2nd Leann Voyles; Mule Halter – 1st Landon Clarahan
    2nd Leann Voyles
    3rd Kenneth Widmer
    4th Lane Widmer; Champion Halter – Ben Zehr; Reserve Champion Halter – Emma Bair; Youth Showmanship – 1st Tatum Vandekamp
    2nd Linkyn Bru; 3rd Haiden Spray
    4th Kenneth Widmer
    Cadence Linden and Kristen Fisch; Open Showmanship – 1st Emma Bair
    2nd Quincy Conger; Lead Line – 1st Colten Voyles
    2nd Levi Voyles
    3rd Taeven Lust
    4th Lane Widmer
    5th Austin Widmer; Young Horseman – 1st Linkyn Bru
    2nd Kenneth Widmer
    3rd Tatumn Vandekamp
    4th Jaeden Lust
    5th Ben Flander; Youth Walk Trot – 1st Tatumn Vandekamp
    2nd Linkyn Bru
    3rd Haiden Spray
    4th Colten Voyles
    5th Kenneth Widmer; Open Walk Trot – 1st Quincy Conger
    2nd Emma Bair
    3rd Kristen Fisch
    4th eann Voyles
    5th Linkyn Bru; Draft Team Men – 1st Ben Zehr
    2nd Brady Harp; Youth Western Pleasure – 1st Kenneth Widmer
    2nd Linkyn Bru; Open Western Pleasure -1st Madelyn Baker
    2nd Quincy Conger
    3rd Emma Bair
    4th Linkyn Bru; Ranch Horse Pleasure – 1st Emma Bair
    2nd Kristen Fisch
    3rd Tatumn Vandekamp; Draft Team Women – 1st Emma Bair; Draft Team Cart – 1st Emma Bair; Pony Cart – 1st Colten Voyles
    2nd Levi Voyles; Winning High Point Junior Belt Buckle – Linklyn Bru; Winning High
    Point Senior Belt Buckle – Emma Bair; Winning the Steve Thomas Blanket – Dan horse of Emma Bair.
    A special thanks went to Gary Van Patten Jr for the use of gates.
    © 2020, Keokuk County Fair. All Rights Reserved.